Attach lid tote XL "27x17x12"


INTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 25.5 X 15.5 X 11.8"

  • Extra Large (XL) - Extra Large model with added volume capacity and strength for storage of your largest and heaviest products. 
  • Stackable - Ability to stack & secure these heavy-duty containers in tight spaces makes for an excellent solution for your shipping and storage needs. 
  • Nestable - Ability to nest the empty containers inside one another reduces wasted space when these aren't in use.  
  • Made in the USA - All of our products are proudly made in the USA. Buy from Farmplast and with the peace of mind you are buying a quality product.
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed.  - All of our products are strategically priced to be the absolute lowest priced option available. 
  • Strength - The absolute strongest tote on the market with the ability to hold up to 500 lbs of product. 

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