Bread Trays - Pallet of 76 "29x26x6"

29 x 26 x 6" Heavy-Duty Bread Trays. Stack and Rack your products quickly and easily with this FARM PLAST  BT29266 29" x 26" x 6" black bakery bread tray / bread rack. This bread tray fits 12 standard loaves of bread and allows for the efficient flow of your product from bakery to retail stores, or even just within your own bakery! The 2 and 4-way blade entry are perfect for high volume production as well as the automated system compatibility. This tray has dual handles with a comfort grip for easy portability.

Once filled with your products, you can stack this tray quicker with the efficient design that allows for blind stacking. When empty, this product cross-stacks, allowing many different tray sizes to be stacked in one area. The nesting feature also makes easy storage possible. This tray features reinforced corners and smooth surfaces for maximum durability.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 29"
Width: 26"
Height: 6"
Interior Length: 27 5/8"
Interior Width: 24 1/2"

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