Bread Tray Dolly- set of 3 "29x16x6"


Easily mobilize our 29x26x6 heavy-duty bread trays with our bread tray dolly!

This item is a universal fit and will fit all 29x26x6" bread tray models. Farm Plast's heavy-duty dolly is the strongest on the market and will ensure a long-life span with a 500 lb weight capacity!

The castor wheels are non-skid so they will not damage any floor; they are smooth and easily to manipulate to get around tight corners. 

Purchase your bread trays and bread tray dolly's direct from Farm Plast to help guarantee you receive the highest quality product on the market for the lowest price

Overall Dimensions:

Length: 29 1/2"

Width: 26 7/16"

Height: 3" (with casters)

Interior Length: 29 5/16"

Interior Width: 26 1/4"

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